Take Your Kids Out For Their First Big Adventure In The Turismo


For parents looking for the latest exercise tech a jogging stroller will make a lot of sense. You want something that will give you a good workout, you can involve your children, and you will not have the need for a babysitter when you want to go out for a run. All of this does seem rather sensible at first glance, but getting a quality stroller is what is going to make this work. You will need something that is both safe and comfortable for your child, something that is easy to use and not to heavy to fold and store, and something that ideally will not break the bank.

The Schwinn Turismo is one jogger that hits on all of these notes and makes it an excellent option for parents hoping for an easy way to get back into shape. It’s performance on smooth surfaces and long straightaways makes this perhaps the top reviewed jogging stroller for the money. Let’s take a closer look at what this jogging stroller has to offer you and your family.

Turismo Features

  • The Exposed Spring Suspension Systems : This performance stroller implements the exposed spring suspension systems that will efficiently protect and safeguard your little one against the constant bouncing of bumpy, rough, and uneven roads. It has the potential to absorb the rough surfaces and harsh terrain to provide a more seamless, smooth, and comfortable ride for its passengers.
  • Constructed With Ultra-Light Aluminum Frame: This model has a sturdy and strong aluminum frame which has a remarkable lightweight. This striking feature has eventually satisfied most of its owners. With this feature, you can push, turn, and control the stroller very easily and conveniently at any time and anywhere.
  • Built-In MP3 Speaker : One special feature that makes the Turismo stand out from the rest is its powerful built-in MP3 speaker. This speaker will permit you to play an endless number of tunes for you and your child. This is perfect for those who need to play their workout playlist.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: This is another great feature which easily adjusts and accommodates parents with different heights. Just you need to click a button, and the handlebar can swivel downwards for runners having a shorter height, or, alternatively, the handlebar swivels upwards for taller parents.
  • Lockable and Fully-Pivoting Front Wheel: This running stroller features an advanced three-wheel design which has a fully-rotating front wheel that can be locked into place for the straight-aways. This will give you better balance when you are running in a straight line at faster speeds. When the wheel is unlocked it will give you the ultimate maneuverability for those tight corners.
  • Size and weight capacity : This jogging stroller has a length of 49 inches, a width of 23 inches, and a height of 43.8 inches. It is also recommended for kids up to 50 lbs.

Major Advantages

  • Safety Features : This running stroller has a 5 point harness system to strap your child very safely and securely, and it is easily adjustable to give your baby a tight, compact, and comfortable fit.
  • Comfort Features : The seat of this stroller is made of the faux lambskin which is extremely soft, delicate, gentle and smooth to the tender skin of your child, and also the stroller is generously padded so that your baby is cushioned comfortably while you stroll, run or jog. It also has rubberized, slip-resistant, adjustable handles.
  • Looks, design, and styles : The design, looks, and style of this model is pretty elegant, classy, and appealing. The stroller is streamlined with a fashionable viewing window, retractable canopy, and a sun visor. It is made of some sturdy polyester water-resistant fabric, which can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Cupholders : This model comes with two cup holders on either side of the seat where you can place the water bottles, cups, flask, or any other necessary items.
  • Easy to fold and easy to handle : This model lets you an exceptional control to handle it very easily and conveniently. Moreover, when you are not using the product for a considerable amount of time, you can just fold it to a compact size for an easy storage.

Minor Issues

  • This running stroller has some lack of pockets at the back of the seat, but it won’t be a headache for you as the seat has an ample storage area to place all your essential stuff.


If you are looking for a stroller for running, walking, or jogging with your baby around your neighborhood area, the Schwinn Turismo has many great features which will be an ideal fit for any family. You can take your little one on their very first big outdoor adventure with the peace of mind that they are riding in something that they will enjoy and something that will keep them protected. This is a terrific option to take your family’s fitness to the next level.