16 Sex Tips to Become a Better Lover

Sex life is a learning, both sexes need to study hard to become a better sexual partner. Whether you’re in a honey-love or emotional drought. Here are some sex tips and strategies to make your sex life sweeter and better.

Understand gender differences

1. Women are like knobs, while men are like switches

There are many proverbs that visually contrast the differences between male and female sexual behavior. Some people say, “Men are like lights, you just tap and they get excited.” Women, on the other other thing, are like knobs, and you need to adjust them up and down to stimulate their libido. “There are also metaphors” for men as standard transmissions, so long as you move the gears in the right order, you can get to your destination. Women are like baking cakes, and success depends on the ingredients and the chef, and of course the temperature and humidity of the oven. There are many variables throughout the process. “Maybe it only takes a few seconds for you to get excited, but it might take longer for her to brew.”

2. Do a good job of foreplay

In order to arouse desire, you can start teasing from the moment you open your eyes. It can be a simple kiss, complimenting her on how charming she is, or making some intimate foreplay in the morning. Throughout the day, you can send her naughty text messages, make phone calls and tease her. When you see her after work, you kiss and stroke her all the time. The brain is the largest sexual organ of the human body, and sexual fantasy is one of the keys to good sexual health. Making the most of sexual fantasies can add a lot of fun to your sex life, such as sex dress-ups and so on.

3. Make sure she’s relaxed and enjoying

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that the key to stimulating women’s libido and orgasm is extreme relaxation and lack of anxiety. Brain scans show that part of the female brain controls fear, anxiety, and mood. The less fear and anxiety there is, the more likely it is to stimulate libido and orgasm between trances. This means that during sex, it is important to relax her extremely and eliminate her fears in order to reach orgasm.

Respect each other’s needs

4. Respect each other and pay attention to their needs

Unlike men, women do not always orgasm. Men who arouse libido, even if there is no more stimulation, as long as they are pumped in all the time will always reach orgasm ejaculation, but women are not. In fact, men and women are very different, and many women complain that the lack of male stimulation at the tipping point of orgasm suddenly stops. If this continues, it does make people feel very depressed. Men need to pay attention to women’s libido and orgasms, especially when they are about to reach orgasm, including contractions of body muscles, such as hands, feet, and pelvic areas, until they are finally released.

5. Know how to communicate when you love

Asking about what you like and don’t like before you love can reflect how intimate your partner is. Like what kind of love way and posture, you can tell each other, so that you can maximize the pleasure of love.

If you don’t know how to start a topic, asking questions may be a good way. Talking about sex is the key to creating an atmosphere of love and helping to promote sex. Communication must be sincere, open and honest discussion of love anecdotes, so that both sides can enjoy love more.

6. Tease her the way she likes it

Every woman is unique, and if you want her to enjoy it, you need to figure out how it works for her. Some women like wet kisses, some feel sick; some like chest irritation; some feel completely unbearable; some prefer to have sex when on top; some prefer traditional missionary positions; some prefer strong clitoris stimulation, some don’t; some can orgasm multiple times, others are ready to go to bed after an orgasm. You have to find the right way to have sex with her, and then learn to be flexible.

Master practical sex skills

7. Let her look forward to it

Women like to look forward to sex. When you want to have sex with her, you can act early. You can kiss her violently, pull her hair, tease her, and mimic the action you’re pumping in to make her look forward to you. Give her a little anticipation to make your sex more exciting to enjoy.

8. Teasing her

Whether it’s back in or you’re on top of her, every pumping is going to be the ultimate. You have to make her feel your turtle’s head. Tease her with your turtle’s head for a few seconds before you insert it hard, until she begs you to go completely deep into her vagina.

9. Stimulate her nipples

Many women can orgasm simply by nipple stimulation. Try licking her nipples and blowing them. The nipples contain erectile tissue, so blowing can harden the nipples. You can also rub, turn, and pull her nipples. First you need to moisten your thumb, index and middle fingers with saliva, then use them to tease the nipples and dizziness, rubbing again and again from the halo to the nipples. Because the nerves of the nipples are more sensitive than the vertirums, this can enhance libido. For some women, this alone is enough to orgasm.

10. Kiss her neck

The neck is often easily overlooked, but it is a place that evokes libido. For cats and some other species, biting the neck is a form of courtship. The neck is a very sensitive area, so you don’t have to be as intense as a cat when you have sex, you just need to kiss. Of course, when your libido has already been aroused, a bite on the neck will make her even more excited.

11. Stroke her on the back

When you plug in from behind, don’t forget to pat her on the back – it’s one of the best sex tricks. Stimulating the tibia (i.e. where there are five vertebrae in the spine, commonly known as the back lumbar) can enhance libido. This area is sensitive, and the tibia nerve extends from the tibia to the vagina and from the thighs to the toes. These nerves are very helpful for orgasms. The best way to stimulate the tibia is to pat it gently with the fingers of one hand. Because you need another hand to control the balance and keep pumping. You can also tap gently on the palm of your hand, just like karate, or rub the tibia with the palm of your hand to see which way she feels most enjoyable. All of these methods can enhance libido and make her more excited.

12. Use sex toys and vibrators

Try something new. Many couples especially women love vibrators. Sex toys can make sure that women always have orgasms during sexual intercourse. As a man, don’t be intimidated by sex toy. Sex toy is a device to spice up your sex life. Your girlfriend won’t leave you because she has a vibrator. In fact, women love their men where they can have new sexual experience. The best vibrator for couple is a vibrator that is small. You can also try famous remote vibrator like Vibease, Lelo or Wevibe. These vibrators are affordable and nicely design.

Become a better sexual partner

13. Keep fit

Exercise has been shown to improve sex. For example, aerobic exercise promotes blood flow, which is important for erections. Exercise can also improve endurance and strength in sex.

14. Know your body

If you don’t even know how to please yourself, your partner is even less likely to know. You need to understand your physical structure and be familiar with the areas where you will orgasm. Then, take the initiative to guide your partner.

15. Don’t bring emotions into your sex life

Life is busy and chaotic. We’re distracted by responsibility and a lot of things, and we often bring emotions into our sex lives — especially after you’ve been together for a while. To get the ultimate sexual experience, you need to release yourself and devote yourself to that moment. You need to open your heart, fully express your feelings and desires, and put those worries behind you.

16. Create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere

A good sexual partner knows how to make love enjoy each other, how to create a relaxed and enjoyable loving atmosphere, how to try new postures, how to use sex toys, and how to better stimulate the sensitivity of the other person’s body. Sometimes, adding interesting factors to love can make the whole love process more enjoyable. After sex, learn to praise each other, which can make both parties feel confident and happy.

A good sex life requires mutual exploration and effort, and I wish you and your partner a renewed love and passion.